No chain restaurants on road trips~ Meal #1

Shotgun Rider Road Trips Rule #1

No chain restaurants. If we can help it. We try our best on this one. other rules are more flexible. We will go over other rules as we travel. 

We have made a deal to avoid all chain restaurants on our road trips. With that said I will post food and other pictures of where we eat. I will try to give my honest opinion of these locations too. 

Our 1st meal was at The Depot in Reno, Nevada. It’s on 4th street.

We stumbled upon this trendy looking resturant when I decided I didn’t like my original dinning choice which was nearby. 

The front of The Depot is bright, clean and very inviting. They have indoor and patio seating. We chose to sit inside. 

The menu was trendy, moderately priced and would please just about anyone. Lots of food I’m sure paired well with their beers. Since I don’t drink beer I was glad the food tasted good even without washing it down with a cold one. 

We ordered from the dinner menu. 

Snacks: Poutine, Pickled Green Beans (pickled in house) and the Charcuterie Board. 

For our main meal we spilt the Marinated Tri-tip. 

(See more pictures of our meal below)

The Charcuterie Board had 3 cheeses, a goat, blue, and a cow with lavender. The meat was salami, Italian prosciutto and Smoked prosciutto. The bread was fresh. The sides were whole grain mustard and a local honey. I have decided this trip should truly be an adventure, so I tasted everything even though I’ve told myself I don’t like blue or goat cheese. It was delicious. Guess you never know until your try. 

The pickled green bean were a new and different snack. I love all pickled veggies so I was good with these too. 

For those readers who don’t know, Poutine is fries, gravy and cheese curd. Never heard of it until I became a food tv fanatic. That’s for a different post though. The Depot used an oxtail gravy. These were my favorite. Chunks of oxtail meat in the gravy, creamy cheese curds and yummy fries. 

Lastly the tri tip was tender, not over cooked and so tasty. Hubby devoured that plates of meat and cheesy potatoes. 

The Depot Craft Brewery Disillery was a yummy satisfying dinner find.

Sorry I can’t give a review of the beers. Hubby and I just don’t drink much and I never drink with meals. That’s also more for my about me page. 

Our waitress Bethany was very attentive and awesome! Ask for her to be your server while you dine. If you do stop by, tell Bethany Shotgun rider blog sent you. I don’t get anything for it just think it would be cool if someone tried them out just because they read my blog 😁

We walked out to the patio area and found some folks playing corn hole while having a cocktail. Just another fun thing at The Depot.