Mystery of the Roadside “SHOE TREE?”

Driving north on California highway 395, about 14 miles south of a little town called Doyle we passed a “tree of shoes”. One quick u-turn later and we pulled up to a man made odditie that needed a closer look. 

It was amazing. Hundreds of shoes hanging from the limbs like fruit Some that had fallen to the dirt below. As I got closer I noticed people had also signed the trunk and branches. 

While reading and admiring this amazing site, two young girls pulled in beside our truck. I greeted them and asked if they knew anything about this shoe tree. They had no idea either. In fact they had flipped a u-turn to come view the tree closer as well. They were driving opposite of us going south. 

I asked their names and where they were from. Journie and K ayla (beautiful names btw) were driving almost opposite of us coming from Oregon and headed through Las Vegas then to Yosemite. They are on their own two week road trip. I asked if they would like to pose as if placing their offerings on this roadside attraction and be a part of my blog. As you can see they jumped in and posed for me. I told them I would investigate why the tree of shoes existed and post it in a few days since cell service was scarce on this stretch of highway. 

I bid them safe travels and wished for them to arrive home untouched, unticketed and unharmed. A small prayer an old friend used to say whenever traveling. 

I added my own gift to the tree. A bright sequined pair of slippers signed and dated as Shotgun a Rider. Hubby added a lottery ticket and a penny. 

Now I need to search for answers to the roadside shoe tree…..

To be continued..,…….