Just driving around 

Leaving Nevada crossing back into California heading north to Oregon. Not a lot to see or stop at on this drive. Didn’t have cell service for most of the drive. It made stop and think about how traveling has changed so much since I took road trips with my mom and sister. First having cell phones with the ability to navigate and reserve a place to stay for the night. Since no cell service at some rest stops we actually saw pay phones. I don’t think I’ve seen one in years. 
Next I realized how I take for granted having music without changing channels. I don’t listen to regular radio often. I listen to KGO AM station that airs the San Francisco  Giants games  or Golden State Warriors. Even then it’s usually my satellite stations on Sirius XM. When traveling now the stations on satellite stay constant. No static then turn dials looking for the local station playing the music you listen to. If you were lucky you’d see a billboard with a radio station call letters and channel. These billboards saved so much headache, I hate the sound of static. Like nails on a chalkboard (shivers). I also play music my iPhone, which brings up cell phones and everything we do on our phones. Like typing my blog while my husband drives. Thing have changed for sure. 

I have to make sure I put the phone and ereader down so I don’t miss anything. Some of my best stops come from stopping at small stores and diners I find with my eyes and not Google.