Road Trip Rule #2 Don’t always follow the rules you set 

From July 28th

Our #1 road trip rule is no chain restaurants, right? Well I just broke my own rule, but for really good reason. Two words….Cracker Barrel. 

I have never been to a Cracker Barrel resturant and it was calling my name. I passed multiple billboards and each one caught my eye until it was right there and hubby was taking the exit with a grin. He knew this was a place I’ve dreamed of coming to. 

So all of my “road trip rules” are really guidelines. Guidelines are meant to be broken from time to time. Right? That’s why we make up our own rules and modify them as we go. Flexibility and always learning, 2 great things to have got life. 

I ordered coffee, blueberry pancakes, bacon and their famous hash brown casserole. Hubby got sausage biscuits and southern gravy. I think his eyes rolled to the back of his head on his first bite. 

The store inside Cracker Barrel is amazing. I bought a couple souvenirs. A wind chime for my porch garden. I hope my boys have been taking care and watering my plants. 

After eating we headed to a spooky old place. I’ll get to that one soon. 

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