Day 10 of 16 on our road trip…. Don’t worry be happy☺️😢

You’ve decided to take a long road trip with your darling husband and 10 days into the trip there’s an argument, or your irritating each other. You are stuck. 

I speak from experience.My husband isn’t a talker even when he’s happy. Ok fine he drive I read or sleep. My go to was usually ebooks or read a paperback. This trip had been blogging. 

I bough a diary I think will be added to the mr Cranky pants survival kit. 

This trip I actually took a long walk until he figured out what the problem was and why I being ignored. 

Space seems to work best in my relationship. My husband has sa condition that doesn’t allow him the ability to take blame, admit he was wrong or simply say he’s sorry. I think a lot of men and woman are afflicted by this horrible illness. We’ve been together over 28 years. He’s not going to change but each of us have learned how to adjust our sails so we end up in the same place. Have fun learning new things about each other. Road trips are sometimes the only time we do talk. Just not this morning. We were good by the afternoon. A little food helps. I was in the dumps myself so sleep helped me to adjust my sails. 

Sleeping in a hotel tonight is stretching our budget but I needed this time. Recenter remember why we are best friends underneath it all. 

The adventure continues tomorrow in LAS VEGAS 🎉🌟😂🚔👹😈👽💀

Maybe he’ll remember why he married me and wanna do it again! Or maybe just. New tattoo for me.

Adventure is out there. Don’t wait until you’re too old to take advantage of it 



See you soon

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The Redhead

Just a mom who loves to take road trips, read and share my thoughts.

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