My must have on every trip – THE GO BAG

My go bag consists of items and clothes I would need for a quick overnight getaway. I bring it on long trips too because sometimes you don’t want to drag everything out of the truck. 

I’ve changed the actual bag a few times but now it is consistently my army green backpack with law enforcement patches that I’ve sewn all over the front. I collect the patches on my trips.  It has a small front pocket and two inside pockets. 

Here’s my go bag basics:

  • Travel size toiletries in a ziplock bag. (Don’t forget personal items since you never know) This includes a small brush, tooth brush, sunscreen, razor and a washcloth. Usually a small amount of make up too.
  • Small first aid kit with 
  • Thin but usable bath towel
  • A small hand towel
  • Swim clothes and flip flops 
  • 2 t shirts, under clothes, sweats or yoga pants, jeans, shorts and summer dress. Ball cap, zip up hoodie 
  • A few protein bars or snacks that will last a while. Reusable water cup. 
  • Matches, pocket knife, small rope, superglue, duct tape
  • $100.00 in small bills and some change
  • If you wear glasses or contacts, take medications be sure to pack that too.

That’s the basics of my go bag. It’s amazing what you can go without. It’s about the quick getaway. It’s fun to not have plans and wing it. 

You’ll find what you can’t travel without and what just never gets used do you stop bringing it. Your go bag is personal for you and is always evolving. Just as we as humans are evolving. 

Ok, back to packing