Sunny November Drive

Today I’m on the hunt for unique items for my garden. Who would have thought I would be driving around in the sun in the middle of November. There’s a chill in the air but I can tell it’s going to warm up and be a beautiful day to drive with the windows down, feet hangin out, while I ride shotgun. 

Our drive took us to the Sacramento Antique Faire. It’s an outdoor street fair, free parking but cost $3 each to get in. The weather was beautiful. There was tons of things to look at.  I had to restrain myself and set a budget. 

Some items have prices, some didn’t. If I felt the price was high I would counter offer. Nothing “had” to come home with me so I felt comfortable negotiating. 

After finding an adorable $5 football wall hanging with the number 88 on it, I was number 8, I started my hunt for hanging lanterns. I was able to find a lot but not everything was in my budget. I settled on 3 very unique lanterns. Paid $12 for all of them. They will look great in my garden siting area. 


The last item I purchased was a new Patch for my collection. 

I’m looking for something to fill my belly now. Ice cream would really taste good about now. Wish me luck hunting for the mysterious ice cream store.