Welcome 2017,  it’s snowing on this road trip, I was prepared! 

Instead of getting to travel calm and relaxed on this trip home from  Reno, NV, we (meaning my son and husband) get to put the snow chains on and bump down the highway slow and steady. 

Our truck chains were perfect. Hubby could hab been on a timed pit crew he was so quick. Number 2 sons first experience putting chains on sucked. He brought the wrong ones. Good thing the gas station nearby carried some. I am proud of him for not getting upset and just getting through the frustrating situation and moving forward. 

So off we drive now, through the snow and ice. 

I always have towels, snacks, water and other things that may be needed on our trips. 

This has not been my favorite trip to say the least. 

Whelp as Shotgun Rider I get to bundle up under my Warriors blanket and sleep NIGHT Y’ALL