Small Changes to allow for big fun

This Shotgun Rider has not worked outside the home consistently or for a cooperation with set rules in over 17 years. I decided to apply part time at a few places I thought I’d be a good fit for. Impressively I received an interview request for a  retail  

chain sporting good store within 2 days of applying. I walked into the office with confidence and smiles. I walked out with the opportunity to be part of the retail sales force and I felt great.

I love sports and have experience in a lot of different categories. Played or coached mainly but other stuff just a fan of. I’m really looking forward to being with like minded people. 

So how is me working going to lead to me have more road trip fun? I’ll have more money to spend on said trips. I keep eyeballing the kayaks and other water crafts we could use out on a lake trip. Plus the clothes, cool gear for camping, and upgrades for my bicycle. Oh my, so many options. 

I’m looking forward to this new adventure. Adding money into a retirement plan is a huge plus. 

Stay tuned for future spring and summer plans. Hoping Canada is in that summer destination trip.