My She Shed Aka Shanty

I have been building a she-shed, play house, shanty or what name you want to place on the hideout in my backyard. Girls only! My cave to get away from the noise and testosterone that has invaded my home. It’s not perfect, and it’s d finitely a work in progress. I had no floor plans other than the ideas off of printrest. I’ve torn down and rebuild lt a couple walls. Need a roof that’s waterproof. Need to really make a full list of everything I still need to do. Unfortunately I hit a speed bump on my construction. 

My progress came to a screeching halt with rain and my new job. No time for over a week. Let me tell you, hammering nails, sawing wood, and just working on it outside has been so therapeutic. Spring can’t come soon enough so I can start again.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t decorated a bit and set up a space to read and relax when it hasn’t been raining. I’m adding as many good luck items as I can because I could use a change of luck in 2017. . 

Heres 1 item I picked up to ask for calm in my world of chaos. 

I am planning my big road trip to Canada this summer. My biggest adventure yet! I hope your 2017 has started with a bang and is full of thrills and Adventure.