It’s all part of the Adventure 

This month I celebrate my birthday. Seriously, all month long I celebrate. My husband buys me little trinkets every day, puts a candle on it and sings “Happy Birth Month” to me. My 4 sons join in if they are with me. It’s humbling to have the men in my life care so much they take a few minutes to show me how much I mean to them. They treat me like a queen everyday but especially in February.  


On to my newest adventure. 

For my actual birthday we traveled through sleet and snow in the Seirra Nevada mountains to spend a few days in Reno, Nevada. We knew when we finally headed him on Monday a big storm was coming in. We went anyway. I told him it was just another adventure. 

Currently we are driving about 3 miles per hour and we have not even hit the snow. Uh oh. Now we have to talk, sing along to the radio and basically entertain ourselves and each other. Good thing we still like each other after being together almost 29 years. 

This is going to be a slow adventure home. In fact slow for the next 80 miles. Well at least we can start planning our summer road trip for July 2017. Did I tell you we are headed to Canada? 

Tell me about our must see, stop at, eat at locations on the west side of Canada. I’ve never been there. 

Please help us with conversation starters on this slow drive. Where should we go in Canada? Keep in mind, we like mom and pop type places. Places with deep history and roots. No chain resturants. Riding our bikes. Parks and camping. I can’t wait for your input. 

Come join me on my adventure!