Somewhere Over the Rainbow πŸŒˆ

While walking to get coffee this morning this huge rainbow appeared in front of me. 

It looked as if I could keep walking and travel under it. Was it a sign? 

So far my 47th year of existence has had so much good. I’ve paid off some bills, have a great job which I love and if I must say so myself I’m very successful at, my family is healthy and I generally find some happiness each day. 

Oddly, I made a random purchase yesterday. It was a little bear playing baseball on top of a trinket music box. It played “SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW”. Seriously.

 I’ll admit, I have always believed things happen for a reason. Maybe my seizure was literally a life reset. A reminder that my happiness depends on me. I can choose to be happy if I work on it and make it a priority. 

That is my 2017 goal. Find and chose happiness. So today I chose to create happy thoughts. Find your own happiness today and everyday!