Adventure by Bus

This is a entirely new experience for me. As some of you may know from following me, I had a seizure in December. Due to me having a laps of contiousness, my drivers license was temporarily suspended. I won’t bore you with the “discussions” I’ve had with the dept of motor vehicles since my doctor has cleared me to drive. Let’s just say I wish they worked just as hard to restrict those with DUI’s. Anyhow. Let’s talk about my bus adventure. 

 Hubby booked me a round trip seat on Greyhound for one of my regular spa trips to Reno. Waking at 5:00am we drove through the rain to Oakland Greyhound Station. As we sat in an old marble floored waiting area my anxiety was stirring.  You see, I don’t step outside of my comfort zone much. Hardly ever by myself and this is a huge leap. It may seem minor to you but it’s on epic level for me. Getting there early was required but sitting and waiting amongst strangers kept me on high alert. I think that’s one of my fears of flying. I like traveling with people I know. Controlling most of my surroundings calms me. Ok on yo more trip stuff and less of my feelings.

Hubby stayed until I boarded then headed to work. He bought me priority boarding so I was the first ones on. Others were already on from an earlier leg of their trip. 

Choosing a seat for a 7 hour bus ride (4 hours when I drive)  requires some research. Everything online said choose middle to front. Bathrooms are near the back. Enough said. Seats are 2 by 2 and spacious. Plenty of leg room. Ok that’s what I was told but that wasn’t true. Just like there wasn’t a power outlet to charge my phone anywhere close. My iPad is completely charged so I’ll be ok. 

So off in my bus adventure. Wish me luck.