The countdown begins

Only 55 days until The annual road trip. As a complete change from our last 2 summer trips, we have reserved our landing spot for the evenings for more than half of the nights we will be gone. Another change is that we’ve booked a lot of cabins. We usually tent camp most of the trip. However I cannot resist the cute little log cabins and yurts. Do you know what a yurt is? I didn’t until I started looking for camp grounds for this trip.
We are staying in one for 2 nights outside of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. On the beach. It’s supposed to be during the Orca migrations too. Could this location be any better. I can only hope. 

Hubby has also planned a few surprises I can’t wait to see. One surprise he already told me about was a cabin in Yellowstone National park on the lake. I can’t wait to see the sun go down while sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs. Our Yellowstone days were some of my all time favorites last year. 

Back to what a yurt is. As it was explained to me, it is a softsided cabin. A step up from a tent, but not quite a has a bed and sometimes a small refrigerator and table. The one we booked in Canada looks amazing. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. 

Wow, 55 days left to map out the rest of our trip. I wonder how much is going to change between now and then. Like most women I can’t stick to any plans until it’s too late to make changes. Oh well, that’s the life of a shotgun rider I suppose. In reality, I only make the navigation suggestions. Hubby is the one sailing this ship.