Wild Oaks Grill BBQ

Day 3 was spent doing a lot of driving on Highesy 101. We were headed to Cape Outlook State Beach for the evening. 

It was lunch time so hubby and I were debating, not arguing yet, about where to eat. We passed several diners & small cafes before making a u turn at the BBQ sign. We love BBQ on road trips..

Wild Oakes Grill. Port Orford, Oregon 

They are On Facebook. Check it out. 

On the window I read “veteran owned and operated” (US Navy) and I smiled. What a great find. Just another reason I want to eat here. 

Upon  walking in I noticed an empty table fully set up with complete place settings and American flags. On the chair is a POW drape. It is set in remembrance of our missing and fallen military men and women. This memorial originally started during the Vietnam war. It is a very powerful sight.  Make this now a 3rd reason finding this place made my day.  Learn more about the missing man table here.

Our waitress, Amanda, told us about our choices and specials of the day. A sandwich called 3 pigs and a cow was a tempting option but we decided on the 5 meat plate. Of course I want to taste it all. The smoked meat consisted of: brisket (my favorite), park ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and tri-tip. We added smoked mac & cheese and smoked chili. For dessert we had a fresh warn brownie topped with cherry pie filling.

I asked for some BBQ sauce but soon realized I did not need it. The meat was moist and delicious without any sauce. I always put sauce on my BBQ. Not this time. The flavor in each of these meats was amazing. I don’t like fake, overly smoke flavored meat. This was cooked to perfection. I still added a little bit of sauce to change it up but trust me no sauce was best. 

The mac & cheese had bits of smoked meat folded in. The chili was spicy with shredded meat, topped with crispy fried jalapeños. Everything exceeded my expectations.

A perk of eating at small places is getting to meet owners, cooks, other diners etc. part way through our meal the owner and BBQ Pit Master Rob came out for I’m the kitchen to ask how we liked our meal, and sat down at a table nearby to chat. After I gushed over how much I lived the food, Rob told us some stories of his travels. He even gave me some ideas for future road trips. 

Our waitress Amanda came out with the simple chocolate brownie with the cherries. Hubby and I fought with our spoons to be first to taste. In case you were wondering, I won. I agree with Rob, it’s such a simple dessert but tastes like chocolate bliss. The cherries add a tart note which cuts the sweetness perfectly. 

Amanda helped us pack up our leftovers for tonight dinner. 

If your ever passing through Port Orford, Oregon, be sure to stop in, say Hi to Rob and Amanda. Tell them Shotgun Rider sent you. You won’t regret stopping for a bite.

Great people, even better food!