Playing typical tourist

When in Seattle Washington we decided to be like most tourists and check out Pike Place Market. I know I went when I was a little girl but I don’t remember anything about it. Living close to San Francisco and Pier 39, I saw a lot of similarities. The market is huge. Everything you can imaging is for sale. Handmade art, jewelry, soap, fresh flower and especially food. 

Seafood is the theme of most locations but there were some others. A bakery with donuts the size of dinner plates, Chinese food with dumplings and typical items. Of course the crowd surrounded the famous meat counter with throwing and catching a large fish back and forth. Through my investigating, I discovered they use the same fish to toss around until the fish just isn’t useable any longer. They don’t sell that fish to customers. 

We walked down to the wharf where things we less chaotic. The crowds were much smaller and spread out. I bought some hot little donuts while hubby searched for something to catch his eye. 

Being from the Bay Area where we get fresh seafood all the time, the prices seemed outrageous. A crab Louie salad for $18.00. It had very little crab on it for that price. A crab and shrimp cocktail in a small cup was $19.00 and the bottom was as full of sauce as the top was with seafood. I guess since we buy live crab at home for $7.00/lbs. these seemed very high. If you don’t have the same luxury as us Bay Area coastal folks, perhaps it’s not a shock. 
We ran across a carousel and little vintage shooting gallery. I was tempted to issue a challenge to hubby but again the price to play made my eyes bug out. $5.00 a per game!?!? Per person! Didn’t look like that much fun to me. I didn’t ask how much to ride the horses. 

We ended by going to a dress shop called Diva Dollz in Pioneer Square. 

Check out their Facebook page. I tried on about 8 pinup girl dresses and loved most of them. I absolutely fell in love with one and hubby couldn’t resist buying it for me. Really, I said it was too expensive and he insisted.ill show you the one I hit later on in this trip. Hubby also insisted on buying the fabulous T-strap heels and a belt to complete the look. I can’t wait to wear it. 

We end the night early at another cabin, we had to arrive very early for our ferry reservations. We are headed to Vancouver Island. I’ve never been outside of the US before so this adventure is the biggest yet.

We watched Moana for the 3rd time because it was the only movie I had on my iPad. Guess I should download something new soon. Good night everyone. 

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