Kellogg, Idaho…. I’m hungry

Traveling through Idaho my stomach was rumbley. I was starving. Not a whole lot of choices that were not fast food restaurants. Seeing the signs for a small town up ahead with a sign for Sam’s, we took the next exit. 

It looks like an old drive-in. Covered parking where you can imagine roller skating waitresses carrying burgers and fries to waiting customers. Walking in the doors I saw a hometown dinner filled with locals. As new customers came in they were greeted by their first name. I think the tables and booths could handle about 60 customers. I loved the atmosphere. 

Hubby and I first noticed the table had 4 types of Tabasco sauce. 

They search breakfast, lunch and dinner. Searching the menu I decided on an omelet and hubby ordered a burger and tots. 

Do you see that pile of tots? My omlete was huge. I saved 2/3 of it for dinner. Hubby ate his whole burger and the tots with his new favorite Tabasco sauce, Sweet & Spicey. I felt guilty because he used half a bottle. I’ve never seen that sauce locally. It almost rd tasted like a spicy BBQ sauce. I’ll have to search the internet for some. 

The servers were friendly and provided fast, attentive service. The decor is fun andreminded  me of a country style kitchen. In fact it reminded me of my grandmas kitchen. The windows surrounding the booths and tables, let in the bright sunshine. Everyone was smiling, 

The prices are very reasonable and the food was great.  

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If you’re driving through be sure to stop in for a delicious and filling meal. Tell them you heard about them from me. Be sure to let me know about your experience too!