1 potato 2 potato

Last year Hubby and I ran across a candy called an Idaho Spud. Heres the face I made when I took a bite back then. 

It was the nastiest candy I’ve ever eaten.  It was very deceptive too as it tasted nothing like a potato. I guess that would be good for a chocolate candy but at least potatoes taste good. 
Fast forward to this year. We stopped to get gas and I bought another one because I feel like my kids should try it too. I need a second opinion and I’ve always heard you have to try it twice before you decided you don’t like it. I asked the cashier if she’d ever tried one and she smirked. She told me it was her grandpa’s favorite candy. I added “it’s the grossest candy I’ve ever eaten” and laughed.  She said “yeah she thought it was pretty bad too”. 

Not only did they have an Idaho Spud but they had a Huckleberry Gem. Had to buy one of those too. It’s by the same candy maker. They can’t make two nasty candies can they? 

Now the kids can’t say I didn’t bring them anything from this trip.

Number 3 son was the only brace sole willing to try the Idaho Spud. He ate a small piece. Chewed slowly and said it wasn’t bad. When I asked he wanted more he politely said “No thanks”.  

Now for the Huckleberry Gem. 

Not bad. Not something I need to buy again but the company can be proud that at least one of these candies is palatable. I’ve discovered I really like Huckleberry flavored jam and candy. 

This chocolate bar was my favorite. Think I’ll stick with this