High’s and NO’s part 3: The end of the road trip

One of the hardest parts of ending a road trip is well ending it. Packing up on the last day is quick because I just throw everything in a bag. No sense sorting and folding. I just have to wash everything when I get home. The back of the truck is a disorganized mess. The inside of the truck has seen better days. Oh keep in mind we do not eat in the truck so it’s just my stuff strewn about.

Then you have the sadness of the trip concluding. Did we do everything we wanted? What did we miss? Where is everything? Gifts for others and myself are in 20 different bags. Who did I forget to get something for?  and the biggie…. Where are we going next year. I am still hoping for a trip to New Orleans.

Worst part hands down is unpacking and stowing all of our gear. It will take at least a week to finish that task but each time I put something away it will stir a memory for me and that is priceless.

I was going to type the Louisiana Creole French translation for my tag line “Come join me on my Adventure” but guess what? It’s “Come join me on my Adventure”.  will keep blogging my 2018 trip then get started on next years planning.

~Shotgun Rider