Las Vegas-Day 2

All day at the pool. I have my day bed reserved, laptop and kindle, all set to chill for hours.

I will say Caesars Palace has not impressed me with its initial customer service. They do great making up for the errors when brought to their attention.

A slight confusion with my daybed reservation. Probably because we used a Groupon, but don’t offer it if you can’t get it right. The manager personally came over to apologize and everything worked out.

It’s a beautiful day, not crowded, and it’s time for me to enjoy the sun.

Las Vegas-Day 1

Las Vegas is an interesting place. Seems a lot of people need to getaway and forget who they are everyday. The filters fall off and the weird and wild side they’ve pushed deep down emerges with a flash.

We ate dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Heels Kitchen. Great food, severely over priced, but worth it for the experience. Our waiter was amazing. Our table was up next to the window over looking the strip.

We shared a tomahawk steak and had a fancy dessert with a table side show.

Today will be spent at the pool reading and relaxing.

Road trip 2019 Update

We’ve added a stop at the Grand Canyon. I know we went last year but it’s worth a second and even third trip.

The beauty of our national parks calls to me in a way I never thought it could.

Which is why we are almost taking the same trip as last year and hitting Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone.

We’ll have different stops along the way but we want more time to hike and explore these natural wonders. I want to slow down and enjoy each moment.

I was surprised with tickets to a San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field. Our seats are on third base side, 6 rows up from the field and near the visiting Giants dugout.

I really want a ball and plan on enticing the local commentator Krup & Kuip with a Gammer Babe poster. You might see Princess Shotgun Rider on TV.

So that’s all we have right now.

Time to start pulling out the camping gear and checking out our bikes. Fingers crossed I only fall a few times thins trip. No more stitches for this two wheeled challenged girl .

Yellowstone and Horses

That’s it. That is all we have on our agenda this year. 3 nights at Old Faithful and a trail ride near Roosevelt Lodge ending with a BBQ.

Today is Mother’s Day and my plan is to sit down with my atlas and start plotting some possible route and locations to visit between California and Wyoming.

We have less than 2 months to get this trip on paper. Wish me luck.

Behind Again

Planning for our 2019 road trip hasn’t started yet. Usually we have some sense of where our ultimate destination will be.

Not this year. Planning has been more like conversations in passing. Nothing decided but a few ideas tossed out without a second thought.

We have talked about New Orleans. That was scratched quickly. A road trip would not be enjoyable if we fished back and forth.

Possibly Canada, new places or back to Victoria. That’s on the maybe list. It was beautiful.

I originally voted for Texas but then though even Texas is too hot for me. Plus I’ve heard the Alamo doesn’t have a basement. No use going there now.

The one place we both agree would be nice to visit again is Bryce and Arches National Park. Perhaps stay longer in each location this time.

Thinking as I’m writing, I’m pretty sure that’s what we will do.

Maybe I’ll plan this years trip as a surprise. Make the whole thing a mystery to my driver. I can give directions from the shotgun seat and make all of the decisions. This could work.

I guess it’s time to renew the KOA membership.

High’s and NO’s part 3: The end of the road trip

One of the hardest parts of ending a road trip is well ending it. Packing up on the last day is quick because I just throw everything in a bag. No sense sorting and folding. I just have to wash everything when I get home. The back of the truck is a disorganized mess. The inside of the truck has seen better days. Oh keep in mind we do not eat in the truck so it’s just my stuff strewn about.

Then you have the sadness of the trip concluding. Did we do everything we wanted? What did we miss? Where is everything? Gifts for others and myself are in 20 different bags. Who did I forget to get something for?  and the biggie…. Where are we going next year. I am still hoping for a trip to New Orleans.

Worst part hands down is unpacking and stowing all of our gear. It will take at least a week to finish that task but each time I put something away it will stir a memory for me and that is priceless.

I was going to type the Louisiana Creole French translation for my tag line “Come join me on my Adventure” but guess what? It’s “Come join me on my Adventure”.  will keep blogging my 2018 trip then get started on next years planning.

~Shotgun Rider