Day 2, I’m a survivorĀ 

Ok, let me start with Kristine Dugger is a machine. She is kicking my booty. Her energy is definitely motivating me. I can only hope to get my rear moving and start a real workout program at the gym. Maybe next week. Monday sounds like a great goal. Someone make a point of reminding me. Even better lots of you push because the competitor in me needs it. 

Planning on getting my before pictures and stats ready tonight. I may or may not show them until the end. In my head I’ve made this a 30 challenge but hope to make it a lifetime change. 

My friends Michele and Valentina have also jumped on board. I expect to see and hear from you two regularly, ya hear? Just keep moving šŸ˜

Who wants to throw down a small and obtainable goal for us? Go hiking, run your personal best, then try to beat it. Anyone want to send us some motivation? New gear to try? Healthy snacks and shakes? I have an address if you want us to give your products a try, I’ve said it before, this blog is for me but heck free stuff for me and my friends = free advertising for you makes for a win:win in my books. Just throwing the idea out there. If you don’t ask the answer is definitely no. 

Stay tuned for our continuing adventure towards weight loss and getting fit! 


I’m a shotgun rider. I sit in the passenger seat while my husband drives. However I’m finding that my weight is slowly inching its way up and I worked very hard to lose over 100 pounds in the past five years. I did have weight-loss surgery which made a huge difference in my life but it’s so easy for the weight to come back on slowly inch by inch pound by pound.  This last trip I didn’t want to take any real hikes. I was very lazy. 

I first noticed those pounds coming back on in my thighs. Jeans just tend to fit a little bit tighter. I’m not gonna lie it’s what I’ve put in my mouth. I haven’t always made best choices  And I’m not as active as I used to be but all of that is about to change. 

Some of you may know my obsession with romance books and the authors. I devour books 3 to 6 per week. Thanks to Facebook I’ve gotten to be friends per se with some indie authors and it’s really a close community. It’s also expanded an online friendship with many fellow book lovers. 

Would you believe that I ran across an Indy author who loves softball and she has actually written a romance book that includes softball. 

It’s on my to be read list I actually have a signed copy and softball ball from her. I won it during an online auction for a fellow authors charity. The only reason I haven’t gotten to it yet is because I generally read off my iPad and only read paperbacks when I’m sitting at the pool. 

So back to the weight-loss story so much can do more on my road trips. I was on Facebook a few days ago and this author Facebook page Kristine Dugger mentions wanting to get back into shape. I messaged her with an online challenge request. Being a competitor it’s really hard to do this by myself. 

She responded and believe it or not is writing a blog about her progress too! Now we can blog compete too! Challenge each other in some unique ways with some help from our fans. Even better get our friends ad fans on board to compete and give us challenge ideas! 

We both have a Fitbit so we’ve decided to do the simple challenges even though neither of us really know what we are doing. She started today, I started around 2:00 today. Ok so my excuses are starting already. Pretty sure Kristine is gonna kick my ass today. I’m ok with that. 

You’ve got my blog page, keep following and referring to other friends please. I’m begging for followers. I’m not too proud to beg.

Check out and follow my Challengers blog.  Kristines Blog DAY 1

She’s so brave and posted pictures. I’m jealous. I plan to get some good measurements and ….. so scarey, pictures so we can hopefully see the progress. 
I keep telling myself…it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Wish us luck and let me know if you want to join our Fitbit group.  

Come join me on my new adventure!!!

Day 1 starting weight eeeek.  140lbs,  I was at 125lbs at my lowest 5 years ago. There I womanned up and spilled the beans. Goal is to lose at least 15 would like to hit 115 lbs. 

Like how I hid it all the way at the bottom just for those for those who don’t read the entire article. I surprised ya, huh? 

My hometown is a perfect road trip part 1

Not all of my readers know me personally. Some have found me through social media and while checking out travel blogs,. Here’s a chance to learn a little bit about me and my local surroundings. 

I have lived in the same small town for 45 years. It’s a small coastal city that I now realize I’ve never fully appreciated. I recently went outside of Pacifica to another coastal tourist town. When I looked around I realized that city, other than a few big businesses, is exactly like the city I grew up in. It’s the same city I bought a house when I got married, have raised four boys and am fortunate to see everyday. 

My little town is Pacifica in Northern California, It’s about a 15 minute drive outside of San Francisco. It’s known for a lot of things such as being foggy and cold. I don’t agree with that anymore. The climate has definitely changed.  Today happens to be a beautiful clear day that I spent outside gardening and blogging. 

Veggies from my garden 

Pacifica also has a fast food restaurant on the beach. It’s a Taco Bell now but while I was growing up it was an A&W. Click here to read more. Best Taco Bell in the world. Yeah this Taco Bell’s been named the BEST TACO BELL ever. #1!!! Not because of the food. All Taco Bells have just about the same menu. It’s because of the the location and the views. 

Here’s how your road trip to Pacifica might look. 

Driving south from San Francisco down coastal Highway 1, you’ll enter Pacifica. On your right you’ll see a beautiful view of the Farallon Islands. Down a little further you’ll see the Pacifica pier where people walk along the sea wall, sit on the beach and fish. . 

We are pretending everyone is traveling on a day like today. Warm, sunny and clear. Pretend with me please. 

Remember, I’m just now learning to appreciate what Ive had right in front of me this whole time. I’m trying to look at it from an outsiders point of view. 

Drive a few more miles down the road and you’ll pass the Pacifica golf course. Continue on through Valley Mar. Off to your left in an old train car is the location of a BBQ joint featured on Food Networks Diners Drive Ins & Dives. Gorilla BBQ. Lines can be long and they sell out fast on busy days but it’s worth the stop. 

A little bit further down, still on your right,  because that’s the side the oceans on and that’s what we’re talking about, is Rockaway Beach. Lots of shops and restaurants to check out. My favorite is a fairly new one called Breakers Resturant. A fabulous breakfast and lunch spot. Totally small town. Soooo yummy! I love the blueberry pancakes. 

Go up over the small hill and you’ll see Linda Mar beach to your right. If you turn left at that very first stop light on Crespi Drive, at the next stop sign to your right, you’ll find my absolutely favorite coffee shop Fog City Java. It’s kinda like my very own personal Cheers. I go there almost every morning, try to sit in the same spot and have my delicious Vanilla Bean Coffee. I really miss the coffee and the people when I go on road trips. I have met so many people, I now can call friends, and meet more everyday. The core group I have come to think of more as family. I hope they know how much they mean to me. Stop in. Have some coffee, order a veggie bagel, have a fresh made donut and tell `em I sent ya. Then head over to Linda Mar beach. Bring a jacket because it can be chilly.

Walking the beach you’ll see the Taco Bell I was telling you about earlier. Admittedly, I don’t walk this beach as much as I should. I need to change that. 

Well that’s the basics as I see it. Except for the coffee recommended detour, it’s what you see if you drive straight through on Hwy 1. If you take time to venture off the highway you’ll find lots of other fun places. A great deli, Columbos. Next door a vintage consignment store. Near the pier there are more businesses worth your time. I know there are a lot of places not mentioned in this blog. Google Pacifica. Read about other places that interest you. Visit them. 

Hey local friends, please don’t yell at me. I said I have a newfound appreciation for where I live. For such a small town there are a lot of places I’ve never seen. I plan to take local road/walking trips very soon. 

The pier is a place I have not gone to since I was a little girl. I remember fishing with my dad probably about 37 years ago. It’s on my list of places I need to go to again.

Part two will be sharing more about Pacifica and the people in it. Hope you’ve enjoyed a glimps into the under appreciated, mainly by me, peek into Pacifica, California. Please come back to read part 2. 

Finding an Adventure within my own town this time will be fun.